1. Title Binary Release
  2. Release
  3. Link bpipe-

  4. =========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
       - fix: errors may printed about files not existing when attempting 
         to move to trash
       - fix bpipe jobs not printing jobs after user ctrl-c's out of 
         run command
       - fix incorrect default for procs_mode variable for torque 
       - fix ugly stack trace error when transform called without arguments 
       - fix failing to escape trailing . in split patterns 
       - branch.dir now ha a default value so that it is easier to put in reusable
         pipeline stages 
       - Ensure walltime gets interpreted as
         integer even if passed as String / BigDecimal / Long etc 
       - fix trash option not working in bpipe cleanup 
       - Fix default output directory not applied to second
         produce argument if first specifies a directory 
       - fix produce() with reference only to output.dir causing
         retry test to incorrectly indicate commands would run again
       - Fix incorrect file reported for errors when multiple
         external files loaded, added some comments, removed hard
       - fix branch variable not overriding default value of
         variable specified with var 
       - Fix files not checked after 'produce' if previously output and then 
         removed outside of bpipe 
       - Fix files not checked after 'produce' if
         previously output and then removed outside of bpipe 
       - fix 'inputs' variable with double file extension not always resolving
         only files matching both extensions     
       - fix output() function causing spurious errors about incompatible inputs 
         when combined with output variable extensions 
       - fix command not running when explicitly specified by produce() if another
         implicit output referenced by command 
       - Support for produce using wildcard based on regex (via ~) 
       - Add information about total run time to report and command log 
       - support to specify branch filter on command line, to limit
         running to a specific branch (for testing, usually) 
       - fix explicit output() combined with produce(...) resulting in
         inconsistent behavior 
       - Fix stack traces printed out when errors occur to use actual name of user 
         scripts instead of groovy generated ones 
       - fix build.gradle not working with existing gradle wrapper 
       - Implement default behavior for transform with
         more to() values than from() values instead of failing 
       - Fix output referenced inside check causing check to be
         skipped / behave incorrectly