1. Title Binary Release Candidate 2 for
  2. Release
  3. Link bpipe-

  4. =========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
       - Issue 100: report does not accurately reflect repeated and
         parallel stages 
       - fix: inputs passed in wrong order to parallel stage after 'produce' when 
         lexical sorting differs to input order 
       - enhance: migrated all of Bpipe to use groovy 2.3.4 for JDK1.8 compatibility
       - Refactoring of basis for pipeline diagrams to solve longstanding bugs 
       - fix: commands not appearing in html report 
       - fix: bad log statement causing error if log
         file fails to appear, better behavior for distributed
         file systems where command may finish before output file becomes
         visible on remote node
       - fix: transform() from() to() form can result in Bpipe not detecting 
         command failure 
       - fix: pipeline fails if pipeline stage is referenced both with and without
       - fix: internal errors (eg: outofmemeory) possibly leaving the Pipeline in 
         corrupted internal state 
       - enhance: Make it possible to set custom R executable via
       - fix: some status codes from PBS/torque occasionally causing errors in 
       - fix: local commands don't show pid with bpipe status 
       - fix: status command showing old jobs and /
         or failing in situations where command objects are missing /
       - enhance: add thread id to log file (debug)
       - fix: not all outputs from branches split by file pattern forwarded to
         downstream stage when number of files differs in each branch 
       - fix: take into account whole parent hierarchy in calculating
         total parallelism for computing variable 
       - enhance: support for sending proc_mode config param to custom executors and
         CUSTOM executor config attribute 
       - enhance: Torque/PBS: support for sending procs request using nodes/ppn attribute 
         instead of procs 
       - fix: 'forward' failing with cryptic errors when attempting to
         forward multiple files 
       - enhance: enabled matching of directory name in split pattern when
         directory present in pattern 
       - fix: second and later outputs possibly not cleaned up in some 
         situations of command failure 
       - fix: branch variables not accepted as required parameters 
       - fix: output does not include branch if no input as base and output 
         extension syntax used 
       - fix: R aborting when user hits control-c in some situations 
       - fix: some complex pipelines starting with list failing with errors 
       - fix: fixes for PBS Pro executor from Davide 
       - enhance: support for PBS Pro thanks to Davide Rambaldi