1. Title Binary Release Beta 3
  2. Release
  3. Link bpipe-

  4. ========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
       - support for setting check message without failing or succeeding 
       - explicitly (check.message = "...." in otherwise clause) 
       - new check report to send / write a summary of all checks 
         as HTML (bpipe run -R checks ..., 
         send report('checks.html') ...)
       - documentation now available to reports based on user
       - "utils" now provided to templates for generic
         utilities (escape, todo: documentation) 
       - Ensure full stack trace is
         logged in bpipe log when missing function encountered 
       - make produce() with directory use that directory rather 
         than coerce to default output dir 
       - added new supported commands to default help display 
       - fix parameters passed in by command line not resolvable in
       - support 'send report(...) to file: <file name>'
       - fix subject line used incorrect in SMTP notifications
       - inputs not being correctly checked to be provided when specified 
         at root level 
       - don't display exception info when failure is due to
         value missing from specified inputs via 'inputs ...' statement
       - support for 'requires' at top level outside of pipeline 
       - improve wording and display of error when required value is
       - fix templates not able to see all classes available on
       - removed all forms of throttling of R sessions (should now be
         unnecessary) as it can form a bottleneck in certain