1. Title Bpipe Release
  2. Release
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  4. # Bpipe Version
    ## Summary
    This release includes a number of smaller features and improvements and 
    some important fixes.
    ## Features
       - Ability to filter gitlab issues identified
         by title search for updating
       - Feature: support for 'debug' command that launches
         groovy shell. Add debug() to pipeline stage to launch
         interactive shell.
       - Revamp monitoring of command status for PBS/Torque
         based pipelines, by pooling calls to qstat between
       - Feature: archive command to clean up .bpipe directory into
         restorable zip file
       - Support referencing params set on command line in
       - Bpipe pipelines can now accept the first line as a "shebang" 
         so that bpipe pipelines become executable scripts. ie: make
         the first line of your pipeline: `#!/path/to/bpipe`
    ## Fixes
       - Fix not completely robust reading of exit code for
         local commands (sometimes command succeeds when shouldn't)
       - Fix local commands not always terminating on explicit stop
       - Add setsid by default to local jobs on linux -
         prevents some cases where jobs abort when precessing
         ctrl-c after starting bpipe
       - Fix new gitlab issues with large content failing to send
       - Fix possible runaway killing of processes when
         local preallocated jobs are explicitly stopped with
         bpipe stop
       - Fix file notifications not always incrementing and
         therefore overwriting previous notification
       - Fix notification manager not respecting timeout to allow for
         setup of channels
       - Fix possible error due to race condition
         reading read PID with local command executor
       - Fix file handle leak on some file systems with large scale
         highly parallelised, long running pipelines
       - Fix the default file notification channel overwriting files from
         other send channels
       - Fix possible error if input is referenced in details of send